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About us


Owner, operator Greg Reese started as a sales rep for Pioneer Hi-Bred Canada Company in the spring of 2016 and wanted to expand his business to more products and services, thus starting Riser Seeds Ltd. Greg is still a sales rep for Pioneer which main products are Roundup Ready Corn and Canola hybrids as well as Liberty Link canola hybrids in an ever-changing farming sector. In the winter of 2017 he started selling a line of twine, bale wrap, bale film, hay testers for a company called Balpaq which has been a great addition, and as well that year he started selling cattle minerals. In the fall of 2019, he reached out to a company called Northstar Seeds which is a forage seed company with a very wide array of products. February of 2020 he was searching for an office building online and contacted the company to build him one and instead ended up giving a new venture a try. He is now selling portable sheds for Premier Portable Buildings and is enjoying the new challenge.

Now that you have an idea of what Riser sells meet the guy behind the name…….


Hello, my name is Greg Reese, I was born and raised four miles west of Didsbury on a mixed cattle and grain farm. Even though I have stepped back from farming it truly is still where my roots are and my passion for my job stems from. I take great pride in selling high-quality products to farmers in my local community and keeping my boots in the dirt throughout the season walking fields and staying on top of things. My greatest enjoyment about my job though?……….The Farmers and families I have met!! Riser Seeds would not be what it is today if Pioneer, Northstar, Balpaq, and Premier wouldn’t have given me an opportunity, but more importantly, it's my customers that make Riser Seeds. In fact, I don’t even view them as customers but business partners. That is a brief overview of myself and where Riser started and please take a journey through my website and if you have any questions please reach out to me any way you want from the list in the contacts box. I have a simple mission statement with my company that goes back to my Grandpa Levagood and that is were “Better Together” He used to tell stories of when he was younger on the farm and helping neighbors out at harvest to beat the weather and saying they were “Better Together”. It is my belief still today when we work together in anything in life we truly are “Better Together”

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