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Riser Seeds Ltd.

offers a wide variety of products and services.

Take a look below.

Pioneer Seed

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A wide range of Canola hybrids -

  • Roundup Ready

  • Liberty Link Pioneer Brand

  • Early season corn hybrids


Northstar Seed

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Through Northstar Seed Ltd. Riser can offer a wide range of -

  • forage seed

  • alfalfas

  • timothy

  • fescues

  • lawn grass

  • cover crops

  • native grasses

When it comes to feeding livestock I guarantee we will have something that fits your needs.



We offer a great variety of twine in different knot strengths, round baler, small square, big square, balewrap, bale film, inoculant, inoculator systems, hay testers. Etc.

Premier Buildings

As a representative of Premier Buildings, I have the opportunity to provide storage sheds, chicken houses, garages, tiny homes, weekend getaways among many other variations to customers across Canada.


Crop Monitoring

The deal isn't done when the bill has been paid. I am always walking customers fields in the spring, summer, and fall months. It allows me to keep a close eye on the products I sell throughout my territory. Ensuring high quality and good results.


Mineral Systems

Delta and Perfomax mineral systems offer many options including the ablity to make up custom blends. Based on feed test results we can customize a blend to make sure your cattle herds remain healthy throughout the winter and summer months. We even supply certain minerals that set cows up for better breeding results. In the summer months we can provide you with a garlic blend which helps control the amount of flies on your cattle.


Whether it is seed, twine, mineral or any of my other products, a punctual delivery in a timely manner is very important to me.

Premier offers direct delivery for their buildings.

I'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Me

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